10 Years and 1,000 pages later, we’re still the “Repair Regs” Subject Matter Experts.

Over the last 10 years, more than 1,000 pages of new tax law has had a mostly positive impact on real estate owners.

MS Consultants has been on the cutting edge of these changes.

Rocking Climbing

These rules apply for tax years beginning in 2014

While real estate owners, manufacturers, hospitality and distribution are the four industries that will be most affected by the new rule. If you did not implement these rules in 2014, don’t worry – we can get you caught up on many of the changes.

These new rules are wide sweeping, dealing with:

  • Materials and Supplies (IRC 1.162-3)
  • Repairs and Maintenance (IRC. 1.162-4)
  • Depreciation and Dispositions (IRC. 168)
  • Rules for Capitalizing Expenditures (IRC 1.263(a)-1)
  • Rules regarding the Acquisition or Production of Income (IRC 1.263(a)-2)
  • Amounts paid for the Improvement of Tangible Property (IRC 1.263(a)-)
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