June 10, 2021

MS Consultants Celebrates 25 Years of Helping Clients Identify Tax Savings Opportunities

BUFFALO, NY, June 10, 2021— MS Consultants, LLC, a nationwide company specializing in identifying tax-saving strategies for property owners and real estate developers through cost segregation studies, energy efficiency studies and more, is marking 25 successful years in business this June. Over this period of time, MS Consultants has grown to include ten offices across the U.S. with locations in Arizona, Florida, New England, New York, Utah, Texas and Virginia.

As the (oldest and) largest independent provider of cost segregation studies in the country, MS Consultants has completed more than 20,000 studies for property owners in its 25-year history. MS Consultants’ team boasts more than 250 years of combined national experience as CPAs, construction engineers and real estate experts. Last year alone, the team segregated more than $2.5 billion of real estate, delivering $375 million in overlooked tax-saving opportunities. The team’s excellence in service has resulted in the creation of long-term and returning clients, and their results-oriented mindset has gained the confidence of over 300 CPA firms, making MS Consultants the trusted advisor to the trusted advisors.

“Our clients have enough on their plates without sifting through hundreds of pages of federal, state and local tax codes. Our partnership helps them maximize tax-savings opportunities that they may not have the time, tools or expertise to uncover on their own,” said David Fabian, Managing Director, MS Consultants. “We appreciate the partnerships we have had with our clients for the last 25 years and look forward to continuing these outstanding relationships and creating new opportunities.”

With the new presidential administration, the country is poised for another major tax reform in less than five years, creating a huge opportunity for property owners and real estate developers to take advantage of MS Consultants’ ability to uncover tax savings opportunities.

Learn more about MS Consultants’ capabilities and about available CPE offerings from their CREATE series.

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Since 1996, MS Consultants, LLC has helped clients identify tax savings opportunities on property investments through Cost Segregation Studies. Our professionals have current, state-of-the-art knowledge of real property income tax laws and IRS guidelines. With expertise in construction and project design from both an engineering and tax perspective, across the country, we have been uncovering hidden tax savings for owners of more than 20,000 properties on almost every type of real estate project imaginable.

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